Our Technology

Our office is proud to be 100% latex free, and we use a variety of oral surgery equipment in San Diego, California, to make your experience with us as comfortable and successful as possible. Our technology includes:

EXPAREL: 96-hour, opioid-free pain relief

L-PRF and PRP: We use our patient’s own cells to prevent dry socket and improve healing of bone grafts.

BMAC (Bone Marrow Stem Cell Aspirate Concentrate): We use our patient’s own mesenchymal stem cells to allow large bone grafts without a second graft harvest site.

Infuse®, BMP-2 and Emdogain™ Enamel Matrix Derivative: Biologics used to improve healing of bone grafts and rebuild bone even in the most difficult cases.

Avance® Nerve Allografts: Human nerve allograft designed to preserve and repair nerve damage due to trauma or pathology.

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